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About Us

Residential Grandview Prep. School is unique for many reasons other than its architectural style, sprawling pollution free campus with modern amenities and CBSE pattern. It was established on April, 2016, has surprisingly made a tremendous progress in the field of education. Taking its brilliant academic performance and consideration, it would be no exaggeration to state that it has established itself as one of the most celebrated & prestigious educational institutions in the north Bihar. Within such a short span of time, it has achieved astounding success and abounding popularity among the intellectuals of the modern age. In this age of tough competition, its achievements are of paramount significance.

Now-a-days there is a chaos and confusion in all walks of life. Theis has been complete deterioration in the standard of teaching in academic intituations spoiling the future of hope of the country. The educational environment has been completely spoilt resulting in disastrous consequences. Under such adverse circumstances the young kids of the present generation require proper guidance so as to reach the final destination of their lives.

In order to find out a suitable solution to the drastic problems with which our student community is badly confronted therefore we, in collaboration with a team of well qualified, trained and highly competent teachers, has been making all possible efforts for all round development of the child's personality and, to the best of my conjecture, our honest and sincere efforts will prove highly beneficial to the students to enable themselves to cope with the challenges of the modern age.



Our chief objective of education

To extend all possible assistance to the young learners so as to make them intellectually competent, practically skilled, morally sound and psychologically whole. It primarily prepares the students for admission to various renowned educational institutions throughout the country and in some cases abroad also. It aims at developing the entire child mind, body and soul and intellectual faculties. Special attention is paid to all the students individually in order to solve the problems with which they are badly confronted.